Random Adventures of a Single Woman

I Was Afraid of The Garbage Men …

… and 24 other things you might not know about me. This post was inspired by my friend wigsbabe who wrote a post today called 25 Things You Wouldn’t Know About Me. I learned a lot about her, and I thought I’d give the list a shot myself. So, here we go: Numero Uno: I … Continue reading


Hoodwinky …

… No, it’s not a real word.  And it doesn’t have anything to do with being tricked, as in “I’ve been hoodwinked!”  (Although I do love that phrase and should definitely use it more.)  It’s what my Mama used to call Hoodia.  You know, that herbal supplement that is supposed to suppress your appetite and help … Continue reading


Sixth Month Sadness

It’s amazing how your body, mind and soul are just aware of things, like certain dates or significant times of the year. You might be feeling sad or anxious for what seems like no reason at all, but subconsciously it all makes sense, and when you consciously realize the reason behind it, you wonder why you … Continue reading