Random Adventures of a Single Woman

A Letter to Summer

Dear Summer: Chub rub and profuse sweating aside, which I realize are personal issues, could you maybe go a little easier on us? By nature I know you’re hot. I know you know you’re hot, and maybe that works with some of the ladies, but it’s not a turn on for this girl. I’m just … Continue reading


Monday Mutterings

This dreary Monday cannot seem to go by fast enough. What better way to wake up the brain during an afternoon lull than with some “Unconscious Mutterings” … Week 434 International :: Travel, Adventure Witnesses :: Onlookers, Proof Rising :: Star, Bread, Temperature, Blood Pressure Two years ago :: Sooooooo different, Lighter in body & soul … Continue reading


A Pathway to Peace

Lately I find that I constantly have the Prayer of St. Francis running through my head, and perhaps, my soul. It’s a prayer that reminds me of my parents, and I have been thinking of them a lot lately. The prayer in song was a part of my mother’s funeral mass; I remember it well, … Continue reading