Monday Mutterings

This dreary Monday cannot seem to go by fast enough. What better way to wake up the brain during an afternoon lull than with some “Unconscious Mutterings”

Week 434

  1. International :: Travel, Adventure
  2. Witnesses :: Onlookers, Proof
  3. Rising :: Star, Bread, Temperature, Blood Pressure
  4. Two years ago :: Sooooooo different, Lighter in body & soul
  5. Sausage :: Links, Hot, Sweet, Peppers, Italian Feast, Mama
  6. Physically :: Unfit, Exhausted, Blech
  7. Approached :: Asked, Tried to Convince, Walked on Eggshells
  8. Mole :: Spy, Snitch, Austin Powers, GuacaMOLE MOLE MOLE
  9. Collar :: Dog, Shirt, Book ’em Dan-o
  10. Encased :: Closed in, Covered, Shellac

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