Random Adventures of a Single Woman

I Say, You Say … Lists for Inspiration

I found this fun, ongoing meme called “Unconscious Mutterings“. A new list of words is posted every week for an ongoing exercise in free association. Apparently, over time, this technique is supposed to help recover repressed thoughts and feelings that one can then work through to gain a better sense of self. But, I thought I’d try it as just another random way for me to get the words out of my head and onto the blog on a more regular base. Perhaps another source of inspiration? And hey, I could always use some self discovery. We shall see.

I’ve decided to tackle two lists to start with – daring, I know. It’s just the way I roll …

Week #433:

  1. Code :: Secret, Numbers
  2. Brothers :: Sisters, Family
  3. Immigration :: Ellis Island, Legal Issues
  4. Heavy :: Overweight, Stress
  5. Bracket :: Hanging something up, Some sports mumbo jumbo
  6. Murder :: Mystery, Law & Order
  7. Neighbor :: Yard, Mr. Rogers
  8. Collar :: Dog
  9. Onslaught :: Mob scene
  10. Eyebrows :: Bushy, Wax

Week #432:

  1. Trumpet :: Taps, Lips, Spit
  2. Love :: Warmth, Complicated, Heart
  3. Routine :: Everyday
  4. Infringe :: In the way
  5. Misgivings :: Hmmmmmmm (Raised eyebrow)
  6. Establish :: Foundation
  7. Stupefy :: Duh
  8. Constipate :: Turtle, Back-up
  9. Conjure :: Magic, Create
  10. Miscellaneous :: A little bit ‘o this – A little bit ‘o that

Go on … give it a whirl. You know you want to!

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