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I Get What I Get But I Do Get Upset

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About a week ago I posted a status on my Facebook page that said “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”. I honestly didn’t think anyone would comment, but people really related to the statement and actually agreed with it. Funny how that happens … you write something on Facebook that you think is profound, intriguing and stimulating, perhaps even groundbreaking (in your own little word) and you get nada, but a simple statement that you throw up there on a whim and the “likes” and comments come-a-pourin’ in.

Anyway, the thing is, I wrote that statement but I don’t I agree with it. I apologize to have been misleading in writing it. I’m sure you’re all furious with me, but I’m actually kind of mad at myself for putting it out there. I was having a bad day and it was my way of surrendering; my way of saying “fine, I’m not gonna fight the laws of the universe any more. It is what it is and I’ll have to settle for it.” Whaaaaat??? Settle???? Me??? I mean I’m all for tellin’ the kids (or in my case, the cats) that’s what’s for dinner and if you don’t want it don’t eat it (yes, I talk, out loud, like that to my cats). I get that type of getting what you’re getting, but if we were all to just go around in life looking at everything in that way, what kind of world would this be? Boooorrrrriiiinnng!

I want what I want and if I don’t get it I may get upset; it’s my prerogative (ooooh, now I feel the need to go and download that Bobby Brown song and kick some ass on the treadmill, and my ass sure could use some kickin’!). I’m not gonna act like a spoiled brat who is used to getting her way and begin kicking and screaming and pouting and slamming doors and yelling if I don’t, but DAGNABBIT, I refuse to just keep quiet and not at least try to get what I want or what I think is right.

So, after exactly two months of not blogging (anybody out there miss me?), that is my rant that will hopefully ignite the cannon that will catapult me back into the blogosphere.

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