Random Adventures of a Single Woman

A Thousand Words

They say a picture speaks a thousand words; I’ve actually been told the same of my facial expressions, but I digress. Today’s challenge – to select two images that describe my life right now and explain why. It seems the shorter these lists get, the harder they become. This 10-days challenge has really gotten the ‘ol noggin’s wheels spinning, in a good way.

Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.

  1. Growing into my own. I’m about to turn 35. I believe I mentioned this already in a previous post – I don’t want to be 35. But here I am, and I find myself reverting back to the days when I was young. It’s almost like I’m discovering life all over again, on a different level. I really feel and sense myself growing into my own (finally – right? what took so flippin’ long?!?). I’m beginning to figure things out in this crazy roller coaster of life. Finding strength and confidence in myself to the right decisions and learning from my mistakes as I go along. Finding the balance of caring without caring too much about the wrong things. All while looking back and honoring that little girl I used to be; the girl who loved life, loved exploring, loved saying “I love you”. The girl who didn’t have many fears (except for maybe the garbage men) and who didn’t harp on mistakes and simply moved on. I think I might even be getting close to figuring our what I wanna be when I grow up!

    ally in the early years

  2. Faith. I have found myself questioning and exploring my faith as of  late. My parents were both very devoted Catholics and I have always wanted to have a faith as strong as theirs. I know I believe in God. I know I have faith, but I tend to feel guilty when I find myself doubting some of the beliefs that my parents followed. My Mama always said “I need God more than he needs me.” I do believe that. I know I need God in my life. I am just in the process of discovering my own personal faith.

    photo by ally


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