Random Adventures of a Single Woman

Cupcakes & Jokes: The Way to the Heart

Today marks day three of the 10-Days Meme I’ve committed to. Though each day’s list topic may seem easy at first sight, once I type “1.” I seem to go blank. What’s with that? Sometimes the simple things are the hardest and also tell us the most about ourselves and others.

I’m so happy to see that Violet Pumpernickel is doing the same Meme on her blog. Loved reading her first day’s post! And be on the lookout for wigsbabe to start doing hers as well. Have you started yours?

And away we go with day three …

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

  1. Feed me cupcakes.
  2. Snuggle with me, a lot.
  3. Give me spontaneous hugs and kisses.
  4. Make me laugh AND laugh at my jokes.
  5. Write me a love letter.
  6. Share new adventures with me.
  7. Never stop trying.
  8. Believe in me.

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