Random Adventures of a Single Woman / Year of Lovely Things 2011

Simple Happiness

I accomplished another item from my Lovely List, and I must say, it really is those simple things that bring happiness. And I do mean SIMPLE. Ready for this? Wait for it …

I made the bed! See what I mean by simple? Well, simple for some, but in my true procrastinator fashion, not-so-simple. It was #14 on my Lovely List, and I put it there because I knew it would get me to do it. I mean after all, how could I let of all of you dedicated Cupcakes & Cat Food readers down? Right?

Hello? Anyone out there? Cricket, cricket …

So I made the bed, and it is a lovely thing! Leaving the house with the bed made and coming home to it at night makes me simply happy. Now I just need to get myself to do it everyday.

5 thoughts on “Simple Happiness

  1. when i come home after work and i made the bed in the morning, it feels like a hotel room, makes such a difference!

  2. Love it when that happens. It clicked about a year ago how much happier I was when the bed was made. It must have clicked for the husband too because he started doing it as well 🙂

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