Random Adventures of a Single Woman / Year of Lovely Things 2011

Work it!

So, I may be behind on my commitment to Post A Day 2011, which I will make up by completing two posts today (does that count?), but I am on track with checking off items on my Lovely List for a Year of Lovely Things 2011.

#44 make new professional connections
Last night I attended the Professional Women of Westchester monthly gathering. In addition to networking there was a panel discussion on Social Media – Social Media and the “P” Factor – What’s the Purpose? – with some really amazing women. Seriously. I am in awe of them.

The panelists were: Stacey Cohen – President, Co-Communications, Inc.; Kyle-Beth Hilfer, Esq. – Advertising, Marketing and Media Attorney; Lisa Kaslyn – Principal, Prosper Communications; and Kris Ruby – President & Founder, Ruby Media Group.

First of all, to have a panel completely made up of women from the professional world of Social Media is impressive, but secondly, they are all a wealth of knowledge, great communicators and inspirational – far from the type of panelists that make the thought of watching paint dry seem appealing. These are the kind of women who make you wanna shout “Work it. Work it, baby. Work it ! Work it. Own it.” Like in “Pretty Woman”, but not in a woman-of-the-night-strut-your-stuff kind of way. More of in a kick-ass-woman-of -the-competitive-business-world-strut-your-stuff kind of way.

So not only did I accomplish #44 on my Lovely List by making new professional connections, I also learned a whole lot (my mind is still racing with all of the wonderful info!) and was inspired. All in a matter of about three hours. Not bad for a Monday night.

If you live/work in the Westchester County NY area, I highly recommend checking out the Professional Women of Westchester. I’m a member of the group, but you don’t have to be a member in order to attend the events. It’s a wonderfully supportive group of women eager to join forces and help each other out.

Until next time … Work it!

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