Random Adventures of a Single Woman / Year of Lovely Things 2011

Officially Lovely

So, it’s official! I am participating in the Year Of Lovely Things 2011.

And here, in no particular order, … (drum roll please) … is my very own Lovely List:

  1. make handmade cards and mail to friends
  2. send someone flowers
  3. try a new crochet pattern
  4. go on a retreat
  5. pray
  6. go to church
  7. light a candle at church
  8. learn how to meditate
  9. volunteer my time
  10. organize my home office/creative space
  11. make hot chocolate from scratch
  12. plan a sleepover with my nieces
  13. try a new recipe
  14. make the bed
  15. scan old pictures
  16. restore my parent’s wedding album
  17. hang pictures in the bedroom
  18. organize my shoes
  19. take a Zumba class
  20. do yoga
  21. run a mile
  22. go kayaking
  23. go hiking
  24. ride my bike (that’s been sitting in the shed)
  25. dance (in public, not alone at home)
  26. drink lots of water
  27. enjoy a spa day
  28. plan a girls’ weekend
  29. put laundry away (as soon as I fold it)
  30. put up a clothesline
  31. make curtains
  32. start a garden
  33. read books I’ve bought that are collecting dust on the shelf
  34. read & discuss a book with a book club
  35. donate to charity
  36. start a recipe book of family traditional favorites
  37. cook a turkey and all the fixins for no reason
  38. go to an art show
  39. see a new musician in concert
  40. see a show on broadway
  41. wander around NYC
  42. Skype with far away family
  43. scrapbook with friends
  44. make new professional connections
  45. write a poem
  46. write a love letter
  47. put together Adirondack chairs that have been sitting in shed (and paint them fun colors!)
  48. go to a professional football game
  49. clean out the attic
  50. play scrabble
  51. do crossword puzzles
  52. read the New York Times (hard copy not online)

Who knows if I’ll accomplish all of these lovely things, but it would be great if I did! What’s on your list? Visit Year Of Lovely Things 2011 to see what other participants are doing and perhaps sign up yourself.

Thanks to perches in the soul for the inspiration!

Here’s to a lovely year!

4 thoughts on “Officially Lovely

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