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Some of My Favorite Things (And Peeps)

Professionally Speaking …
In my role as an Event Manager, fun, fabulous vendors are a must! Below are my faves. Some I just connected with this past year and some I’ve known and relied on for years, but they ALL rocked 2010 for me!

(These are my own opinions; no one paid, bribed or otherwise enticed me to endorse them; just giving props to my peeps)

Audio Visual:
Corporate Audio Visual Services
 – Joe Guilderson and his crew slam dunked two events for me in 2010, and neither event was the good ‘ol cookie cutter straight-forward kind. Joe loves a good challenge (thank goodness!).

Superb lighting design; crisp, beautiful, bountiful sound; on-point custom AV layout and design; and superior customer service …. That’s Corporate AV in a nutshell.

Check ‘em out: Learn more about Joe and his team by visiting their website. These guys get around, providing audiovisual equipment and event production services to companies of all sizes throughout the entire Northeast from their two offices in New York and Boston.

Gretchen Schuler-Dandridge
– I have known Gretchen for several years now and have worked with her on many o’ projects. Simply put – she gets it. AND she gets me … which is not so simple most of the time.

Photo by Sara & Sarma Photography

The design concept and pieces she developed for the annual ball I managed in the Fall were so lovely. From the early support marketing pieces to the invitation to the event journal, everything was beautifully branded, cohesive and fabulously designed.

A freelance design professional, Gretchen works on projects big and small and has provided consulting services to both private and corporate clients such as Reader’s Digest, Make-A-Wish Foundation, HarperCollins, and Guideposts, among others.  

Check ‘em out: Peruse Gretchen’s portfolio and drop her a line. Based in the NY Metro area.

Daniel Florals & Events, Inc.
 – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Daniel’s work. I’ve worked with him for a few years now, having been introduced to him by the amazing Aimee Massaro of Wishes Concierge Services, Corp. (top-notch, full-service event planning and customized wedding coordination).

Photo by Sara & Sarma Photography

But back to Daniel, who provides unique table top decor, custom table linens, floral arrangements, lighting, tent & room decor, and pretty much anything else you could possibly need to throw a stunner event! Every time I visit his showroom I’m so inspired, and his merely written event proposals bring your event to life. You feel like a kid at Christmas with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.

Check ‘em out: Learn more about Daniel and his team of artisans on his website. Serves the NY Metro area.

Sara & Sarma
– A dynamic duo! Have a story to tell? They’ll capture it and you will want to relive it over and over through their beautiful images. I look at the photos everyday that they did of the annual black tie fundraiser I worked on.

Photo by Sara & Sarma Photography

They blended with the crowd to a point where you didn’t know photographers were even there but then were right by your side when you needed a critical shot. Details, candid moments, texture, lighting … you name it, they caught it all.

Sara & Sarma are both professional photographers, so you’re getting two photographers when you hire them, not a photographer and an assistant.

Country mouse and city mouse, these opposites-attract-business-partners balance each other beautifully through their unique styles. The result: images you cherish forever!

Can’t wait for them to crossover into my personal side to capture some of my life’s moments.

Check ‘em out: Learn more about the girls on their website and get visit their blog for a more behind-the-scenes look. Events, intimate occasions, portraits … they do it all. Based in the NY Metro area, but these ladies travel and cover destination weddings. Give ‘em a call, and tell them I said hello!

Promotional Products:
JP Promotional Products 
– Talk about a fun vendor! Shari Pulver and her team at JP Promotional Products will ALWAYS brighten your day. They are spunky, creative, quick and competitive. AND they get me, again, not always an easy thing to do.

A lot of my conversations with Shari go like this, “I need something for this event, but I don’t know what, and I really don’t have much of a budget.”  POOF! She works her magic and I have ideas in my inbox followed by samples shipped to me and we’re on our way. Shari and her gang consistently help me make a good impression.

JP Promo is a family owned business, and once you start doing business with them, you feel like part of their family.

Check ‘em out: Visit JP Promotional Products online to learn more about the Company and some of the fun products they offer. There’s always more than what you see! Shari’s always got somethin’ extra special up her sleeve. Based in the NY Metro are, but serves clients throughout the country.

I AM SO LUCKY to have so many favorites! Thanks to all of these vendors for sharing their fabulous trades and talents.

I was going to include a separate list of favorites, Personally Speaking, but I think I’ve babbled on enough for today. I’ll save that one for tomorrow as the blogging continues! Stay tuned …

6 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Things (And Peeps)

  1. Hi, Ally. I came across your blog on the #postaday2011 tag feed and thought I’d say hello. I wish I’d had a list like this from an Austin-area event planner when I was planning my wedding. Looks like you’ve assembled a fantastic group of vendors. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

    • Awww thanks so much for stopping by Kathryn. I just went to your blog – YUM!!! I’ll be following ;o)
      LOVE my vendors. I’m very blessed and always say if and when I do get married I already have my key people in place 🙂
      Thanks for the good wishes on the challenge! Right back at ya!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the shout out! It’s always a pleasure working with you, especially when we have our business meetings at fun places like the Birdsall House! Cheers to the New Year!

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