Random Adventures of a Single Woman

Chapter 2010

2010 was a unique year to say the least, but I guess each and every year is an original chapter of its own within this crazy story we call life:

  • I lost a job – BOO! (victim of the lovely economic state of hell)

  • I got a new job – YAY! (and close to home at that!)

  • In the interim of permanent jobs I had the opportunity to nanny for a little girl who will always hold a special place in my heart

  • I continued to make my house a home

  • I volunteered

  • I formed beautiful new relationships

  • I reunited with old friends and strengthened bonds

  • I worked with talented people who help me enjoy what I do

  • I soaked up beautiful sunsets

  • I tried new restaurants

  • I met beautiful new babies

  • I went to great concerts with great friends

  • I discovered new music and talented artists

  • I carried on family traditions that I cherish

  • I wore silly hats

  • I told bad jokes

  • I prayed

  • I questioned my faith

  • I dreamt up new adventures

  • I took risks

  • I continued to mourn the loss of my parents

  • My heart ached

  • My soul shined

  • I laughed

  • I cried

I LIVED to tell the tale of another year in the life of me.

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