Random Adventures of a Single Woman

Psssst … Hey Past, Clue Me In Here …

Dear Past,

I remember you. I remember you well. Really, there’s no need to keep popping up ALL the time. I realize you are a part of me. Without you I wouldn’t be who I am. Thank you. Kudos to you!

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Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s great to have you around to reminisce and get all nostalgic over where we’ve been together and how we’ve gotten to where we are today; yes, even recollecting the silly mistakes we’ve made and the not-so-great things that have happened to us has it’s time and place. I know you’ll always be there, but you have to let me move forward. Set me free.

I promise I’ll always make time for you; just not every single day and not in the same situations where you seem to find the need to be present to nag and tug at me over and over and over and over …. wait a minute! Are you trying to tell me something?

I will anxiously await your response.

The Confused Present

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