Random Adventures of a Single Woman

2010 – Bring It On El Tigre!

My motto for this past year was: 2008 wasn’t so great, but 2009 is sure gonna be fine! Not like it’ll be okay I’ll get through it fine, like F-I-N-E … fine! But apparently I was off target with my motto selection for the lovely year of the Ox. Don’t get me wrong, 2009 had its high moments, but the low ones were really low and unfortunately came late in the year, leaving me with a bad last impression of the Ox. A last impression is as important as if not more important than the first!

So out like an Ox and in like a Tiger we go into 2010. Bring it on El Tigre!         I mean, what could you possibly throw at me that I can’t handle after dealing with your friend the Ox, which by the way, sounds all bad ass, but really he’s just a glorified cow isn’t he? I’m not gonna lie to you El Tigre, because I’m sure you can smell my fear, you scare the hell out of me. But I’m ready. Ready for whatever challenges you have in mind. Career, Financial, Love, Health … what ya got there putty cat? Lay it on me. Because if 2009 did nothing else for me it prepped me for you.

Motto for 2010 … simply: Bring it on El Tigre!

I’m ready for the battle, ROAR!

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